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12. Honor Board Composition and Duties

The Honor Board

1. Eight faculty members, five staff members, and at least twenty students constitute the Honor Board pool.

1.1. A subset of the faculty and staff members of the Honor Board pool will undergo training specific to preparation to hear sexual misconduct cases.

1.2. Honor Boards assigned to hear alleged violations and/or to design sanctions under the Honor Code and the Code of Conduct shall consist of one faculty member, one staff member, and three students, except in sexual misconduct cases. In sexual misconduct cases an Honor Board shall consist of three faculty or staff members.

1.3. Disciplinary Panels assigned to hear alleged violations and/or to design sanctions shall consist of one faculty or staff member and two students.

1.4. The student membership of the Honor Board should be representative of the student body of the College. Student membership is voluntary and there are no term limits. The Honor Board leadership, with assistance of the Student Government Association and Student Affairs officials, annually selects new members to replace graduating student members, to replace student members dismissed for insufficient grade point average and to maintain the representative nature of the board. The Office of the Dean of Students recruits and selects the five staff members. The Faculty Senate nominates and selects the eight faculty members and eight Honor Advisors. 

1.5. Any member who is involved in any way with a hearing before the Board or Panel will be disqualified and replaced by an appropriate alternate. Any student who has been called before an Honor Board or Disciplinary Panel may challenge the impartiality of any member.

2. Honor Board Duties

2.1. To enforce and promote the Honor System of the College of Charleston.

2.2. To review periodically the Honor Code and Code of Conduct and make recommendations to the administration.

2.3. To hear cases involving alleged violations of the Honor Code and/or the Code of Conduct.

2.4. To recommend sanctions in cases involving violations of the Honor Code and/or the Code of Conduct.

2.5. To call an Appellate Board when instructed by the Executive Vice President for Student Affairs. Neither the faculty or staff members nor the student may have sat on the original hearing that is being appealed.

2.6. To provide student members for grievance hearing panels.

2.7. To hear Student Government Association election appeals, impeachment of officers of student organizations, and the requests for conduct review of the actions of the Student Government Association (student members only).

2.8. To provide student representatives to the student government (undergraduate) election commission.