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12. Student Tailgate Policy


In an effort to continue to develop student life at the College of Charleston and promote an increased sense of institutional pride and school spirit, this policy has been created for use of the space and facilities adjacent to the Carolina First Arena for student tailgates and events held prior to athletic contests.


The purpose of the Student Tailgate Policy is to assist student organizations and/or on-campus departments in the coordination of tailgates and activities and ensure that existing institutional policies related to event planning and risk management are appropriately applied.


A. Facilities – the facilities that will be available for use for student tailgates will include the area adjacent to the student entrance to the Carolina First Arena and the Practice Gym. 

B. Reservable Space – the facilities included in this policy are to be considered reservable space.  Use of the space for tailgates activities must be scheduled in advance through the Director of Operations for Athletics.

C. Sponsoring Organization – recognized student organization or on-campus department hosting the event.

D. Amplified Sound – use of a public address system and/or speakers to broadcast information or music


A. Limitations of use – tailgates and pre-game activities must be limited to the area adjacent to the student entrance to the Carolina First Arena and the Practice Gym.  Reservation of the space is limited to recognized student organizations and on-campus departments for student-only events.  Individual tailgating will not be permitted.

B. Reservation/ Preparation of Space – sponsoring organizations must reserve the facilities no less than one week prior to the date of the proposed event.  Reservations will be coordinated by the Director of Operations for Athletics.  Athletics will provide and install the floor covering in the Practice Gym prior to the scheduled event.  In the event that no activity is scheduled, the Practice Gym will not be available for pre-game activities and will remain locked.

                           I. Occupancy – Attendance at events in the facilities will be limited to occupancy rates established by the Fire Marshal.

                           II. Responsibilities of Sponsoring Organizations – student organizations or on-campus departments hosting the event are responsible for providing all staffing and equipment for the proposed activity (this includes security personnel, sound equipment, tables, trash cans, recycling bins, etc.) as well as set-up and clean-up related to the activity.

                            III. Entry/Exit – A valid College of Charleston student identification card will be required to enter the event or activity.  Individuals that leave the area prior to the end of the scheduled activity will be denied re-entry and will be ineligible for access to the athletic contest.  All student participants will be required to enter the Carolina First Arena through the designated student entrance.

                             IV. Use of Alcohol – The College of Charleston’s alcohol policy shall regulate any use of alcohol at pre-game activities within the facilities.  The Authorization to Host a Student Event form must be completed and submitted to the Office of Student Life for review no less than two weeks (fourteen business days) prior to the date of the proposed event.   Individuals determined to be inebriated or unable to care for themselves will be denied entry to the activity and/or to the athletic contest.

                               V. Duration of Tailgates/Activities – Pre-game activities will be limited to two (2) hours.  Activities must end 15 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled athletic contest.

                                VI. Use of Amplified Sound – Due to the proximity of the facilities to local business and residences, amplified sound must be limited to the Practice Gym.

                                VII. Open Flames/Personal Grills – No open flames or personal grills may be used.

                                VIII. Damages – Sponsoring organizations are responsible for all costs associated with any damage and/or repairs that result from the scheduled activity.


This Student Tailgate Policy can be revised at any time in accordance with the College’s Campus Wide Policy Making Procedures.