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2. Core Values at the College of Charleston


As members of the College of Charleston community, we affirm, embrace and hold ourselves accountable to the following core values:

Integrity: Adherence to the highest ethical standards in all our professional obligations and personal responsibilities

Academic Excellence: Commitment to a dynamic intellectual community, high academic standards, strong academic programs, and a high-quality faculty of engaged and engaging teacher-scholars

Liberal Arts Education: Dedication to a liberal arts and sciences education that encourages intellectual curiosity and fosters each student’s ability to think creatively and analyze, synthesize, apply and communicate knowledge from many sources

Respect for the Individual Student: Devotion to the intellectual, ethical and social development of each student

Diversity: Commitment to a globally-oriented and diverse academic community

Community: Commitment to compassion, mutual trust, respect, civility, collegial shared governance, teamwork and the general welfare of the institution and the individual

Public Mission: Commitment to our social responsibilities and to serving the educational needs of the state of South Carolina and our community

College of Charleston students are responsible for knowing the information, policies and procedures outlined in this document. The University/College reserves the right to make changes to this code as necessary and once those changes are posted online, they are in effect. Students are encouraged to check online for the updated versions of all policies and procedures.