The Honor Board

What is the Honor Board? 

The Honor Board is the student-led hearing body that coordinates hearings to determine whether students are responsible for violations of the policies outlined in the Student Handbook. The College’s Honor System includes our Honor Code and our Code of Conduct. 

The Honor Board is composed of a pool of faculty, staff, and students who can be called upon to serve as the decisional authority in hearings. The hearing process allows students to appear before the Honor Board and to tell their side of the story. The Honor Board then makes a determination based on the College’s processes and protocols and prepares a finding and any recommended sanctions for the alleged party.  

Members of the Honor Board participate in training to learn more about the College’s policies and procedures, to understand the structure of a formal hearing, and to generate appropriate questions during hearings to help the Board come to a decision.  

Honor Board Applications

Honor Board Applications are rolling and are accepted all year long! 

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Honor Board Tabling Spring 2023

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