The Honor Board

What is the Honor Board? 

The Honor Board is student-led organization that coordinates hearings to determine whether students are responsible for infractions of the codes outlined in the Student Handbook. This includes honor code violations like cheating and plagiarism and code of conduct violations such as alcohol and drug use. Our conduct process allows students to tell their side of the story to a Board or Panel composed of employees and students who then make a decision about where the responsibility lies and any consequences that follow. As members of the Board, we are trained in active listening and open-questioning techniques to elicit as much information as possible from the student and others to make an informed decision about how we should proceed in a manner that best benefits the student and the institution.

Generally, members sign up for hearings on an as-needed basis. When a case is being prepared for a hearing, the chair sends out an email requesting assembly of a Board. If a student member is available for the announced time, they note this and then they receive a confirmation if that time Is chosen. The number of hearings varies by semester but usually rests somewhere between 10-20. The Board pool is made up of around 60 students members, eight faculty and eight staff members to ensure that a sufficient number will be available for any given hearing. Members are required to go through one full day of training and observe hearings before they are eligible to serve as a voting member. Members are also required to participate in outreach events as needed.

Applications for the Honor Board are open.

Due to COVID-19, the CofC Honor Board will be having rolling applications all year long. There is no due date this year. 

Apply here.


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