Sexual Misconduct Resources

Please see the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy within the Student Handbook
NEW!  Help Stop Sexual Assault.  Join Project G.I.V.E.    

Project G.I.V.E. is a peer education group whose goal is to address gender based and interpersonal violence through a primary prevention lens. We currently offer three workshops

  1. Asking For It: Consent and Sexual Assault
  2. Whoa! Whoa!: How to Slow or Stop a Disclosure and Why You Might Want To
  3. It’s Your Place: Bystander Intervention Competency

These workshops are offered as part of the Don't Cancel Your Class series or to any other student group wanting more information. To schedule a workshop, or get more information including learning outcomes and goals, folks can contact me directly.

The College of Charleston's only gender based & interpersonal violence primary prevention peer education program.
Build Your Resume. Build Skills. National Certification. Earn Credit.

Please view the policy on sexual misconduct and the Interim Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedure as it applies to faculty and staff, from the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs

The Sexual Misconduct Committee was formed to focus on the prevention, awareness, and response to all gender violence at the College of Charleston. We are committed to providing resources to all members of the campus community and toward that goal, we have developed this website.

Our objective is to provide one site for information that will give assistance to victims, refute harmful myths, give real statistics, and publicize and encourage involvement.

Gender violence can only be eradicated if we all stand together to educate, raise self-awareness, and become involved. 

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Community Can Make a Difference.
Be Informed, Be Aware, Be Supportive, Be Preventative, Be Knowledgeable.
Be The Change.

How to Make a Difference: