Workshops We Offer

  1. Asking For It:
    Consent and Sexual AssaultThis workshop addresses many of the attitudes, beliefs and myths around sexual assault, consent and victimization. The discussion is designed to empower students to ask for consent, understand when they have it and when they don’t and how to make sure their friends are doing the same. Students will learn the working definition of consent at CofC, what the root cause of sexual assault actually is, the basics of bystander intervention and resources on campus.
  2. Whoa! Whoa!
    How to Slow or Stop a Disclosure and Why You Might Want To Perfect for student employees and the general population alike, this workshop is designed to help students navigate being the “trusted ear” of their friends and peers. The discussion ranges from different ways to be a positive resource and ally to how to ensure mandatory reporting standards are upheld. Students will learn their role as a helping friend, red flags that someone might be about to disclose an incident of sexual misconduct, how to make themselves a “safe space” and resources about where to find confidential help on campus.
  3. It’s Your Place: Bystander Intervention Competency
    When it comes to being a positive active bystander, we ask a lot of our students. This workshop is designed to ensure our students know that their voice matters and feel empowered to use it. A blend of bystander intervention and conflict management techniques, this workshop leads students through the theory of how someone becomes a bystander to real-world application. Students will learn the basic definition of Title IX, the 4 D’s of bystander intervention, which technique is most highly-suited to their conflict management style and resources about where to find confidential help on campus.