Student Food/Temporary Housing Assistance

The College of Charleston Student Food/Temporary Housing Assistance Program is funded through students dedicating their meal swipes as a semester ends and by other friends, family, alumni, community members and businesses making monetary donations to the Student Emergency Fund.

APPLICATION for Student Food Assistance / Temporary Housing Assistance.

Return this form to:

The Program may provide temporary assistance in meals/dining dollars for use in the College of Charleston dining facilities or temporary housing in a residence hall for up to 10 days may be provided, if and when, resources are available.

The program is for eligible students who:

  • need short-term assistance, and have exhausted all other funding options, and,
  • submit a complete and accurate application, with the understanding that the application is not a guarantee of approval, and,
  • agree to submit additional documentation after applying or approval, if required, and,
  • understand the program is only for the student applying, not for other family members/friends, and,
  • must be currently enrolled

Further information about this program is available through the Office of the Dean of Students 

  • in person at the Stern Student Center, 3rd floor
  • by calling 843.953.5522.

To support the Student Food Assistance / Temporary Housing Assistance Program, donations can be directed to the program through the College of Charleston Student Emergency Fund R143 or by following this link:  In "Designation" please select "Other". In  "Other" Please enter "Student Affairs, Student Emergency Fund R143".

Thank you for your support.

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