Students of Concern

SOC Contact Number: 843.953.5522 (Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm)

Report Emergencies and after hours to Public Safety by calling 911.

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Information, Guidelines, and Frequently Asked Questions

The Student of Concern (“SOC”) Committee is a campus resource established to help maintain a safe college environment by receiving, collecting, considering, and—when deemed appropriate—acting upon information regarding behavior of concern exhibited by a student or group of students.

Examples might be:

  • behavior that presents safety issues for the student or others.
  • conduct that might be a violation of the Code of Conduct or any such conduct that might hamper the student's ability to achieve essential academic requirements or meet expected standards of conduct.
  • behavior that might be evidence of emotional distress or a health condition. 

Action by the SOC Committee seeks to provide supportive intervention services in order to assist that student/group of students in achieving essential academic requirements and/or meeting expected standards of conduct.

Who is referred to the SOC Committee?

The SOC Committee accepts and reviews information about a student or group of students that reasonably suggests that:

  • The conduct of the student presents a significant risk to the health or safety of others that cannot be eliminated by a modification of policies, practices or procedures, or by the provision of auxiliary services; or 
  • The conduct may be a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and/or such conduct may hamper the student’s ability to achieve essential academic requirements or meet expected standards of conduct; or  
  • The conduct in question may be evidence of a health condition.

Still not sure if a student should be referred?
Contact the Office of the Dean of Students to discuss your concerns 843.953.5522. 

How are students referred to the SOC Committee?

Students may be referred directly to the SOC Committee by any individual who has observed or witnessed behavior of concern by a student. Individual referrers may include faculty, staff, students, parents, and community members who interact with our students.

A student may also be referred to the SOC Committee when:

  • Public Safety has knowledge that a student is transported to the hospital for a mental health or substance abuse related concern;
  • A student applies for late withdrawal for mental health/substance abuse related reasons; and/or
  • A faculty member reports concern about a student’s emotional or behavioral state using F.A.S.T.

What happens after a student is referred to the SOC Committee?

The SOC Committee Chair (the Dean of Students) and the Case Manager receive SOC Committee referrals. If the referral reasonably suggests that the student may be a student of concern, the student is asked (by phone and/or email) to meet with the Dean of Students and/or SOC Case Manager. In cases when the student is not available to meet with the Dean of Students (e.g., the student has returned to a non-local permanent residence), the Dean of Students and/or SOC Case Manager will attempt to arrange a phone call with the student, if appropriate given the student’s situation.

Based upon the information provided by the referral and from this meeting/phone call with the student, along with consultation with SOC Committee members, the Dean of Students will propose an action plan to the student. 

Please also see SOC: Frequently Asked Questions