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The Office of the Dean of Students

Responsibilities of the Office

The dean helps students who have inquiries about College policies and Procedures and also coordinates the Honor System at the College.  The dean also facilitates Student of Concern (SOC), Faculty and Staff Assisting Student in Trouble (F.A.S.T.) and Voter Registration.

"At the core of the College of Charleston community are individuals from diverse backgrounds whose lives are intertwined in support of the uplifting of the human condition through comprehensive studies.  As with all communities, there is a moral code of ethical behavior that binds participants together and a body of official rules and regulations that defines personal freedoms and responsibilities.  The latter is codified in our Honor Code and Code of Conduct.  They apply to all members of the college community and are intended to promote an atmosphere of trust and fairness in the classroom and in the conduct of daily campus life." Student Handbook

Mission: The Office of the Dean of Students Office serves as a general resource to promote student development for students, staff and faculty at the College of Charleston. The Dean of Students’ team advocates for students, assists students in need, recognizes student achievement, and holds students accountable for their actions. Staff, faculty and students in collaboration with the Dean of Students create, review, disseminate and enforce the College rules and policies encompassed in the Student Handbook which uphold and protect student rights and responsibilities.

Dean Jeri Cabot, Ph.D.

Dean Jeri Cabot