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The Tuesday Open Meetings will be held again in the fall.
The dates will be posted here.

What are the Open Meetings?

  • When the Tuesday evening open meetings resume in the fall, they will be open to any student interested in learning more about what being in recovery is about.
  • The meetings will answer these questions:
    • What is sobriety?
    • What is recovery?
    • What does it take?
    • Is it for me?
    • How do I support a friend in recovery?
  • The group will be facilitated by Wood Marchant, CRP Director and a sober alum of the College.
  • This will be an open forum to ask questions and learn about sobriety in a discreet setting.

Member Meetings in CRP Lounge continue through Summer, 2017:

  • Meetings for members are held in the CRP Lounge on the third floor of the Stern Center.
  • These meetings focus on recovery-related issues and challenges one may face as a recovering young person and student.
  • The CRP Lounge provides a safe space for students to study, get together and to plan social events on and off campus.
  • A focus on community-service is part of the CRP as students will collectively find and work with local community partners.
  • Another important aspect of the program is helping students plan for their post-graduate careers by having sober community members who work in various fields come speak to students to provide guidance and perspective.

To become a member of the CRP, students must fill out an application and meet with Wood Marchant, Director of the CRP, for an interview.

Questions? Please contact Wood Marchant with any questions at 843-953-6630 or at

Attend recovery meetings, find a sponsor, and work a 12-Step recovery program