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Collegiate Recovery Program

What is the Collegiate Recovery Program?

Our Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is an institutionally sanctioned and supported program for students in recovery from addiction seeking a degree in higher education. It is a structured, healthy community where recovering students can thrive academically and socially while actively pursuing their recovery. Our Collegiate Recovery Program provides students an opportunity to bond together in an alcohol-free and drug-free environment.

Our Collegiate Recovery Program Mission Statement

Our Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) at College of Charleston provides a safe and nurturing student-focused community in which students in recovery from substance and/or addictive disorders can be empowered in furthering their academic, professional and personal potential to become healthy, responsible, productive members of society.

Our CRP aims to help our sober students stay substance-free through peer-to-peer support, group support and through connection to the local recovering community. 

Our Goals

  • Make connections with other recovering students
  • Be involved in fun, sober events (on and off-campus)
  • Facilitate recovery support and accountability through case management, including weekly meetings and check-ins, support for transitions into campus, etc.
  • Create opportunities to be service to each other and potential students
  • Make connections to resources for academic wellness and support
  • Have access to a safe, supportive space, where they can relax and recharge
  • Challenge stereotype and myths about addictions and recovery through outreach and education.

Spring, 2018

Please NOTE:

Open meetings and our Member Meetings are not being held this Summer, 2018.

Meetings will resume again this Fall, 2018. 

Thank you.

To become a member of the CRP

  • Students must fill out an application (pdf) and
  • Meet with Wood Marchant, Director of the CRP, for an interview.

What can we offer?

  • A safe place for students in recovery
  • A place of academic advocacy, oversight and support
  • A place of social interaction and fun
  • A place of accountability

What can be expected of students in the Collegiate Recovery Program?

  • Attend recovery meetings Looking for a Meeting?
  • Practice Abstinence Based Recovery
  • Spend time with recovery groups and participate in community service projects
  • Refrain from the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Participate in interdisciplinary research opportunities dedicated to the promotion of sustainable long-term recovery from addictive behaviors.

Meet the CRP Director


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  • Counseling and Substance Abuse Services
    Location is RSS (Robert Scott Small Building) Suite 300 Third Floor
    Enter the RSS Building from Cougar Mall
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